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Pregnancy Tarot Reading – Does It Deliver A Positive Experience?

When you are pregnant it is only natural to feel scared, unsure, and nervous. But a tarot card reading may prove to be most energizing, empowering and healing at this time. A tarot card reading can help you focus on your innermost strengths, work on your weaknesses, so that you are uplifted and ready to take on the world. It can make your pregnancy journey far more positive and memorable.

When you opt for a tarot card reading in your pregnancy journey there are some things that the cards will try to analyze, like how you are at the present moment, what you consider to be blessings on this journey, how you can form a stronger born with your unborn child, which obstacles are likely to come on your path, how best to prepare for the delivery and the baby’s arrival, etc.

Can tarot card reading during pregnancy make it a positive experience?

There are different tarot cards that signify different experiences for a pregnant woman. For instance the Ace of Cups stands for the joy and happiness that you feel at this time together with your partner. The feeling that you are going to soon welcome a baby is overwhelming, and even if there may be some bumps on the way, the overall journey will be positive.

The reversed Moon card tells you that it is natural to have fears about birth but it is not as horrific as it is made out to be. Most people will frighten you by narrating scary tales of women giving birth and difficult pregnancies, but this card shows that you can navigate through such negativity and keep your mind positive. You learn how to overcome anxieties and fears that you may have had and are fully ready to embrace the challenges ahead. You may have been trying to become a mother for many years and the fact that you are going to be one soon is a blessing.

In your pregnancy you may have fears about financial issues which you feel can affect the new life that is going to come into your world in a matter of days. But the King Pentacles card may also indicate an elderly male who is in a position of authority and can be very inflexible. This could be your caregiver at home or even your doctor.

To have a stronger bond with your unborn baby you have to focus on eliminating all negative thoughts from your brain. You may hear dramatic narrations about difficult deliveries but you have to consciously keep your mind away from these. When you can free yourself from such thoughts you will automatically become much closer to your child.

The card Ten of Wands tells you that you should learn to relax during your pregnancy journey and not get bogged down by too many things. There is no hurry to finish a load of tasks before the baby comes. If something needs to be done, it can also be delegated to someone else who is close to you. So, it is alright to let go of certain duties for the sake of your baby’s health.

The Nine of Swords card also encourages you never to fear this journey but to admire what your body is capable of doing, and taking pride in that. Similarly, the Six of Wands shows you why you must be proud of what you have achieved because this is a great motivator. It leads up to that final moment when you can proudly announce the arrival of your baby.

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